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Make Selling Your Property a Stress-Free Experience With Selling.House, One of the Top Cash Property Buyers in Glendale, California.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home Fast? We Can Buy It and Close in Days! 

Is your home in poor repair condition and you don’t want the hassle of doing renovations? Have you inherited a house and want to sell it now to make some money? Do you have opportunities elsewhere and need to relocate quickly?

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell, Selling.House can buy your home in Glendale, CA fast.


Advantages of Selling to Selling.House

We are experts in buying and selling property and our process has been fine-tuned through the years. Because of this, we can buy your property fast. Here are a few of the benefits of using our house buying service.

No Real Estate Agents

You won’t need to spend any time trying to find a suitable realtor to work with during the home selling process. Removing the real estate agent from the equation eliminates the middleman, which significantly reduces the time needed to sell your home.

Local Company

We are a local company with in-depth knowledge of the property market in Glendale, CA, and the surrounding area. We have the cash and are ready to buy your home fast and at a fair price.

No Inspections

If you sell your house the traditional way, you’ll need to schedule and arrange for a home inspection. With Selling.House, we have purchased every kind of property and will take care of all that for you.

No Repairs

We purchase your home as-is. That means you don’t have to worry about clearing out the house, sprucing up the property, or performing maintenance or repairs if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of a flood or house fire. We don’t care if the property has been unoccupied for some time, or if it was a rental and your tenants left a trail of destruction behind them!

No Showings

Choosing to sell to a home buying company rather than a realtor allows you to sell quickly without having to worry about showings. Showings can be inconvenient and slow things down considerably.

No Need to Wait for Lender Approval

When you sell your home the traditional way, the buyer will likely be relying on their bank or lender financing. This means they’ll have to submit paperwork and wait for approval. When you choose to sell to Selling.House, there is no need to wait for anyone to be approved because we pay with cash.

Quick Closing

We make the process as simple and easy for you as we can by streamlining everything. Because we can close so quickly, you’ll get your money fast, often within a few days.

These are some of the most common reasons that people in Glendale, CA want to sell their homes fast for cash:

  • You’re facing foreclosure
  • The house needs
  • expensive repairs
  • The property is vacant and you want to sell
  • You inherited a house and want to sell fast
  • You’re going through a divorce and need to move
  • You have opportunities in a different location and want to move
  • You don’t want to deal with listing and showings
  • You’ve had a tenant nightmare and want to sell
  • Your house has code violations
  • You’re behind on taxes and looking to resolve the issue
  • You have a lien to get out from
  • You’re in the middle of probate

Questions Our Clients Often Ask

Will I Get a Fair Price?

You certainly will! Selling.House will even guarantee that you will be getting the maximum cash offer by outbidding any competitors.  All repair costs, closing costs, and fees are covered by us and you’ll save time and expense by not having to contend with repairs, preparing and listing your home, or paying high listing and closing fees. Because we take care of all this for you, we receive a small discount on the purchase price.

Will I Have to Pay Any Hidden Fees or Closing Costs?

Absolutely not! We pay cash for your house, and you get your money without any stress or hassle. All fees, closing costs, and commissions are handled by us. We can even factor in any past-due taxes or liens when determining the purchase price of your home.

How Is Selling My House Fast For Cash Different From Listing With A Realtor?

Real estate professionals and other traditional selling methods can cost up to ten percent of your home’s value, not to mention the extended length of time it often takes to get an offer and close the sale. Also, buyers can delay the process or drop the offer price

Can I Close and Move Out On My Schedule?

Of course! We work directly with you to ensure that you are happy with everything and that you are able to complete tasks in your own time. You get to choose your schedule. We want to ensure that you leave happy, knowing that you made the best possible choice for your situation.

How Our Buying Process Works

There are three simple steps to getting your cash.

One: Send Us Your Details

Use the convenient contact form on our website to send us your details. As soon as we receive them, we’ll get back to you about buying your house.

Two: Receive An Offer

When we’ve evaluated the property, we’ll make you an offer. Our friendly team will be there throughout the entire process to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Three: Get Your Money

You select a closing date to suit you and you receive your cash.

We’ll Make a Cash Offer for Your Home Regardless of Its Condition

Get started by contacting us. We’ll make you a fair offer and get the ball rolling fast so you’ll have your cash as soon as possible.