Want to Sell House Fast! (This Is Your Guide)

Want to Sell House Fast?! (This Is Your Guide)

Selling your house is a notoriously stressful process; the thought of packing up all of your things, finding a new place, and starting your life somewhere else can be a lot to manage, not to mention the process of listing and selling your house on the market!

Today, we’re going to talk about a few ways that you can speed up the process, because selling a house doesn’t have to be as challenging as people make it out to be. 

Hopefully, the ideas below will inspire you to sell your house with a smile on your face. Let’s take a look at what sells a house fast!

A Brief Guide: What Sells a House Fast?

There’s a lot to be said about getting the most value for a house, but splitting hairs to make a few pennies can add to a load of stress you might be feeling. 

For example, a few hundred dollars on the asking price might not be worth buying and installing a new washing machine. That said, a lot of the things that improve a house’s value are the ones that lead to a quick sale. 

You don’t have to get down too deep in the nitty-gritty, though. Most of the things that you want to focus on are the ones that have to deal with safety and function.

Work Out The Main Kinks

People want to know that the house they’re buying is going to keep them safe, and that means a solid foundation, no looming repairs or damages, and the assurance that there aren’t any gasses or toxins in the air. 

An inspection can put your mind at ease in these scenarios. Scheduling an inspection is a great way to see what needs to be done for the home to be safe. If you’ve been living there and haven’t had any trouble, odds are that your inspection will go well. 

On top of safety, you should take a look at any big cosmetic issues. That old creaky shed might have some charm to you, but it could be a big eyesore for potential buyers. 

You might see all of the camping gear, toys, and equipment that the shed held as it withered, but a buyer might just see all of the work they’d have to do to fix it up again. 

A house could have millions of different ailments that are off-putting to buyers. Take a fresh look at your home or even have a trusted friend come over and tell you what they think. 

It’s tough to see your beloved home with objectivity sometimes. We get it. 

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions make are a big deal to appraisers and buyers alike.

Little things that don’t cost you much time or effort could change the asking price of your home. They might also be a big draw for people looking to buy a new home.

When your garden looks wonderful, for example, it might be a little easier to look past the rickety shed we discussed above. New windows, paint jobs, and landscaping updates are safe bets as well, but don’t sweat it if you can’t swing those changes.

You can also work little updates into your bathroom and kitchen, which are the two most crucial areas that play a part in homebuying decisions. Painting cabinets, fixing doors, and installing new features are all easy updates that make a big difference.

Basically, do whatever you can to make your home look more appealing at first glance. It seems shallow, but it’s a massive part of getting your house off of the market.

Do you want to buy homes with debris in the lawn and shutters hanging off of the windows? The house could be beautiful on the inside, but you’re creating an uphill battle when the exterior is slacking.

The better the outside looks, the less selling you’ll have to do when the people come inside.

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Good Staging

People don’t always want to buy a house that looks like someone else is living in it. In other words, all of the family pictures, heart-worn sofas, and personal effects might be charming, but they make it feel like the place is taken.

Staging is the process of furnishing and decorating a home to be appealing to buyers, which allows the buyer to imagine themselves living in the place without feeling like they’re taking it from someone else.

Additionally, stagers can fit the home to styles of the times and add a lot of draw to the interior of your home.

Sell Your Home for Cash

In the mad rush of finding the fastest way to sell a house, did you skip over the fastest possible way?

Selling your home for cash is a great way to get your home off of the market without all of the additional time and expense of updating and listing it. Working with realtors and trying to squeeze pennies out of buyers might actually put you at a financial loss. 

Sure, it’s a little faster and easier to work with a professional realtor, however, they do take a hefty commission and their process is bound to the rules of their employer, their listing sites, and other factors. 

When you sell for cash, the company buys your home just as it is for a clear price. That price will reflect the speed and ease that come with selling for cash, but you’ll still get a fair value for your home. 

Plus, you don’t have to rush and stress over inspections and appraisals. If the company sees value in the house, they take it off of your hands and the process is quick. 

Need More House Selling Tips?

If you want to know more about what sells a house fast, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need more information on the selling process or want resources on how to sell your home for cash, our website is a great resource. 

Contact us or explore our site for more information and get your home off other market as soon as possible. 

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